Visa information and payment

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The validity of an IRANIAN VISA:

Iranian visas are issued for various durations, including short-term (usually up to 30 days) or long-term (up to 90 days ).

Single Entry :

Canadian Passports, American passports, Travel documents : Single entry is allowed.

  • enter Iran within the validity period of your visa: in 90 days after issuance of  visa .
  • Make sure to check the start and end dates specified on your visa. If you have a single-entry visa, you should plan your entry accordingly before the visa expires.

Important : after arrival, regardless of the expiry you can stay.

 Double Entry;

Afghanistan Passports

Transit visa:  7 days each entry (7 X 2)
Entry visa   : upto 90 days each entry ( 30 X 2,  60X2,  90 X2)

  • If you have a double-entry visa, you can enter Iran two times within the visa’s validity period.

Important 1: your second entry should be before expiry date.
Important 2: after arrival, regardless of the expiry you can stay.

Your visa allows you twice entries to Iran up to expiry date stated on your visa.

to arrive for second time, you have to get a second visa.

Duration of visa:  can be up to 90 days