Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)

Discover The Caucasus:

Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)

Armenia, a rich cultural heritage where ancient sights and delicious food abound.

This extraordinary tour takes us to an extremely complex and interesting part of the world. Persians, Khazars, Arabs, Huns, Turko-Mongols, and Russians have invaded and migrated into the Caucasus and have provided the region with its rich ethnic and linguistic complexity as well as its astounding architecture. As if this diversity were not enough, the Caucasus also offers a variety of pristine landscapes and stunning vistas just waiting to be discovered.

Our journey through the south Caucasus begins in Armenia,

a country whose tiny size belies its importance in the history of this region. Christianity came early to Armenia (in about 301 AD, making it the first Christian nation) and today this mountainous country is dotted with an astonishing number of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries, mostly dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries - Armenia's golden age. Arguably the origins of all western church architecture can be traced back to this rugged land.

Our next destination is  Georgia, a remote, mysterious and romantic country, steeped in myths and legends - it was here that Jason found the Golden Fleece, Prometheus was chained to Mt. Kazbegi after he stole fire from the gods, and the fearless women tribe, the Amazons, lived beside the Tergi River. Tucked between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia, Georgia could be described as Europe's final bastion and despite being invaded throughout history, maintains its own unique culture and heritage.

Our journey culminates in Azerbaijan, a fascinating country whose complex history stretches back several millennia. We travel via Sheki, an important silk weaving centre in former years, to the capital Baku, situated on the Caspian Sea.

Day 1: Yerevan
Day 2: Yerevan
Day 3: Yerevan - Garni – Geghard – Yerevan
Day 4: Saghmosavank – Hovhanavank – Amberd – Yerevan
Day 5: Yerevan–– Khor Virap –Noravank – Carahunge-Goris
Day 6: Goris – Tatev Monastery - Villages of Khndzoresk - Goris
Day 7: Goris – Selim Pass - Sevan
Day 8: Lake Sevan- Dilijan- Haghartsin- Gosha Vank –Dilijan


Day 9: Sanahin –Haghpat -Georgia-Armenia border (Sadakhlo)-Tbilisi
Day 10 Tbilisi Full Day Tour
Day 11 Tibilsi—Mtskheta-Gori- Borjomi - Akhalshike
Day 12 Akhalshike -Vardzia- Akhalshike
Day 13 Akhalshike - Uplistskhe- Gudauri
Day 14: Gudauri- Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)-Tibilsi
Day 15 Tbilisi- Davit Gareja- Sighnaghi
Day 16 Sighnaghi -Azerbaijani-Georgian border (Lagodekhi.)- Sheiki
Day 17 Sheki

Day 18 Sheki - Shemakha- Mud Volcanoes-Baku
Day 19 Baku
Day 20 Baku: Gobustan
Day 21: Depart


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Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)
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Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)
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Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)

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Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)
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Caucasus:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan (21 days)
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