The Process and Useful Info

The process to register:

  • Fill out credit card information in Reserve Section to guarantee your place,

(We will not deduct the money, after checking documents will send you an invoice and confirmation and method of Payment. )

Documents needed:

Fill out the Visa Application form,

-Most foreign visitors require a visa to enter Iran. It is an easy procedure just fill out the visa form in our website,

You can collect the visa at the airport on arrival (IKA), the passports will not be stamped and you will pay for visa upon arrival based on Nationality.
Getting an Iran Visa as a US, UK or Canadian citizen is a simple but time-consuming process.

A Visa on arrival is not available for Canadians, Americans and British. Please be aware that your Visa has a longer processing timeframe due to additional requirements & regulations. Please check that you have sufficient time to obtain a visa before your departure.

The validity dates of the Visa will be 3 months from the date of issue.

The passport must not contain any evidence of prior. (The last 6 months) to Israel.

After registration:
Look for the flights to IKA airport, TK, LH, EK, QR are good options,
Your arrival accommodation according to this program is Day 01, which is based on the assumption of INTL Arrival times to Iran that arrives late in the evening of Day before or Early morning of Day 01.
In case you arrive earlier and need extra night  90  USD per person sharing will be added to the fee.
Send us the flight details after booking, Transfer will be arranged at our side.

The Itinerary:

Will send you the updated Program and confirmed Hotels prior to arrival.

Urgent Number ( also on What’s app): +1-416-858-7080  Nahid  Jafarzadeh  and +989123188022 Fariba Jafarzadeh

Arrival Transfer: the Driver/Guide will hold “Road Finders” for transfer to the hotel.

Please bring enough cash for Souvenirs, and your extra charges,

Credit Cards:
No ATM and No Credit Card is accepted in Iran, (only some Carpet dealers, may accept)

Euro, USD,  GBP   are accepted easily.
Big notes are accepted better, in 50, 100. Avoid 5 or 10 dollar notes, or old  Printed notes.
(in recent years, Old dollars are not accepted easily in Exchange Office or Banks)
Market Rate is better than Bank Rate. You can get help with the Guide to change money.
Exchange shops are widely in Tehran and in Isfahan and Shiraz too,
The guide can help you to change
Tipping can be based on how happy you are, Guides are about 80 USD per day and Drivers are half.
( It depends how big the group is)…The decision and amount are based on your own choice.

Dressing:    Men should wear long Trousers or Jeans. No Shorts.
Women long sleeve Shirts and Long Trousers with a scarf on the head. (it is not necessary to cover the neck) Any variety of colours may be worn.

Check-in hotels: 1200 to 1400, check out Hotels: 1200
Earlier than this or later check-outs are subject to extra charges.

Drinks: no alcoholic drinks are allowed in Iran,
Weather: March-May  Ideal temperatures in most of Iran, Cotton clothes are advised in summer. Summer Ends in Late September, October and November is considered Peak Season for tourists, Have a Jacket and some warm clothes just in case-( Climate change has made things unpredictable, )

Note 01: bring hats, Umbrella, Sunblock, in summer

Note 02: Bring your necessary pills and medicine with you.
Hotels Standard:    In Iran, you cannot expect high standards, please always check your hotels after our confirmation and before your arrival. though we have chosen are the best Hotels and one night in Caravansary to experience the desert Night.

Swimming pools and Massage are only in some five-star hotels, Men and women are separate.

Electricity: 220 W and the  Sockets are two round pins.
Meetings: All tourists arriving in the country are considered to visit only Historical sites, No university Meeting.

**We wish you a very happy Journey**